FullSizeRenderHow many of you have scrolled through Instagram within the last 24 hours and seen this picture once or twice? I don’t know about y’all, but my ENTIRE feed is covered in it.

WHY you might ask?

Here is a run-down:

An instagram retail account (@sunnycoclothing) whom only had around 90k followers this morning, spiked and reached over 500k followers by the end of tonight because of a post in which they promised loyal followers who reposted the pic above that they’d get a free swimsuit. The promotion offer had a 24 hour time cut-off. The post went viral and over 200,000 people reposted the picture in hopes of receiving what they were promised.

Below is a screenshot of the caption placed on the company’s promotional picture.


People are wondering how this company can fulfill the amount of orders being placed without going bankrupt. I’ll tell you how they will pull this off. That is… if they even send the suits out. The Pamela suit displayed on their website retails for $64.99. But, the EXACT suit is online (a different site) wholesale for $9.99. Seriously, check it out: http://www.romwe.com/Backless-One-Piece-Swimwear-p-157908-cat-679.html.

Websites like these are so small that they offer discounts for large orders (like the 200,000 people that reposted) and FREE shipping sometimes.

Also, these cheap pieces of clothing are produced in sweatshops where the workers work in unsafe conditions. Even children. These people are not paid a living wage either.

Practices like these are extremely harmful to the environment. Watch The True Cost on Netflix for more info about it.


Back to the company though!!! Their post entailed that you had to pay shipping and handling which should’ve already let you know what you were getting wasn’t free. Shipping is $8.99 on their website, but they are charging $4.99 more today for people that buy into their promotion to ensure they make a profit off of the amount of suits being sent out. Because they were able to make the suits for less than $9.99 and charge more than that amount just for shipping, this means they will earn MORE money than they started with (At least $2.00/suit). Enjoy the “free” suits though! 😉

P.S. @sunnycoclothing states that $1.00 of every purchase goes to Alzheimer’s, but what company invests in helping out in a certain area when they don’t even care about their OWN employees??? Does ‘Sunny’ actually care?




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